Saturday, January 5, 2008

Valentine's Stamps Sale

Hope y'all had a great New Year's.. I had fun freezing my butt off at the street party up in Salt Lake City. An added bonus was no one spilled their drink on me or threw up on my shoes. (g) Anyway, cut to commercial..
Get ready for Valentine's Day with heart and rose stamps available at 25% off! They are on sale starting January 1 through 31 at:
You can also see more sales(from other vendors)at: .

Stock up on Ancient Page pads.. if you buy 6, one of them is free!
See them at: .
Quick drying and permanent on most paper surfaces. This acid-free, waterproof, and smear-resistant dye ink is ideal for scrapbook and keepsake applications. Ancient Page permanent dye inks are popular for archival use and a wide range of crafts projects. Their translucent, quick drying properties on many surfaces allow "layered" effects, for contrasting subtle and brilliant colors. Ancient Page is very effective on Style Stones with heat setting and in combination with other inks. On 1" x 2" raised pads (can be used with large or small stamps).

Sale prices are good January 1 through 31; check back after that to see the new sale items.

We have added more new supplies at Arts'n'!
Check out the new stamp sets, puzzle cards, and stencils.
Also at you will find our new, popular Orange Tabby ILY Kitty T-shirts, introduced Nov. 2-3 at the MATA Expo... beautifully silkscreened by Pah! Line LLC in sizes S-XL.

Don't forget to visit our "T-shirts and more" sites at: and: . They have been updated with new sizes and items and also have many new designs as well, with more to come! Check out gifts for Valentine's Day and political buttons.

A reminder.. if you order over $100 worth of items on our secure shopping cart, we will take 5% off your subtotal! You can combine items from all of our sites (except Cafepress) on one cart.

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