Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Designs - "I Love" My State and Hawaii Turtles!

ILY Texas First State Design!
The first design in the "I-L-Y My State" series is the great state of Texas! Fingerspelled "I Love Texas" with ILY hand/heart on state outline and flag is featured on "The most comfortable Women's t-shirt ever!" Our 100% cotton Women's tee is preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.

More State Designs here and coming up!
Right now, we have four states up: Texas, California, New York, and Florida. More are coming soon, so check back often to see if your state is there with designs on T-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers, cards, and many more items!

 Say "Aloha" with our ILY Hawaii Turtle!
Say "Aloha" with our Hawaiian turtle swimming in a sea of hibiscus flowers, carrying an "I-Love-You" hand in heart on his back! This design is available in two versions: with a fingerspelled "Aloha" and without.

Hibiscus Hawaii Turtle
Our Hawaii Turtle is also available to gift non-signers, this time with a large hibiscus flower on his back. This is also available with and without the word "Aloha" in the design. Bring an imprinted T-shirt, tank top, water bottle, set of 4 mugs etc. on vacation with you!

Celebrate Dog Days of Summer with Stamps
Cat and dog rubber stamps are featured this month with a special sale - a selection is available for 25% off! If you like (good) surprises, we also have a special sale on our unmounted grab bags - 3 for the price of 2. Hundreds more stamps are also available at www.larubberworks.com and www.aslstamp.com!

If you would like to see more images, and other cool stuff, check out our lens at www.squidoo.com/aslstuff, the new American flag lens at www.squidoo.com/american-flags-and-celebrating-the-fourth-of-july and the new kitty lens at www.squidoo.com/aslstuffcatscatscats . You can also become a Facebook Fan at www.facebook.com/ASLstuff, which is gaining fans by leaps and bounds! Thanks for stopping by our online stores!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cats and Dogs Stamp Sale and 3-for-2 Grab Bags

Celebrate the dog days of summer this month with dog and cat stamp images on sale for 25% off!
They are on sale July 1 through 31 at:

Also during July, we have a special "3 for the Price of 2" sale on our unmounted stamp Grab Bags!
There are about 9-12 stamps in each bag (worth at least $30 per bag) and they range from cute to weird to decorative. Definitely not your usual cute stuff, but then, this is why we call ourselves alternative. Great for collage and altered arts.We will try to make sure you get a good variety of stamps, with few or no duplicates. Now's your chance to sample our stamps at a low price!
Find them on sale at: http://www.larubberworks.com/promo2.html .

Sale prices are good July 1 through 31; check back after that to see  the new sale items.

Looking for new supplies? We've just added Cut-N-Dry Felt and Foam Uninked Stamp Pads! Each is 8" x 10" and can be used as is, or cut down to make individual stamp pads. Make your own rainbow pads, use stamp inks, paint, or glue! Also check out the Brilliance Dew Drop Sets - color-coordinated 4-inkpad sets in enticing shades ranging from primary brights to pearlescent jewel tones and rich metallics. You can also find more designs of Molding Mats perfect for molding Stylus Tips, Magic Stamp, and polymer clay! Also check out Ink Potion No. 9 in convenient pump spray bottle, wonderful for ink blending and watercolor effects. We also have a large selection of inkpads, Sunprint paper, embellishments, and other arts and craft supplies at Arts'n'CraftSupplies.com. Find them all by going to:
http://www.artsncraftsupplies.com/frame.html .

Check out ASLStuff.com for cool stuff like altered art, fine art, polymer clay, comics, photo essays, cool links, and more to entertain and inspire you! All of you altered art fans can now rejoice - I've
finally finished and posted my new altered book, the "Chakra HandBook" on ASLstuff. To see it, go to www.ASLstuff.com , hit enter, click on "Altered Stuff & Books" then click on the "Chakra HandBook" link for photos of each page plus descriptions and explanations. My friend, Dr. Don, says, "Deafinitely goes into the De'VIA category!". One page has also been featured in Clerc Scar, the "online magazine of the signing community", at: http://www.clercscar.com/?p=626 Enjoy. I've now uploaded a series of photos from when the Tall Ships visited Redondo Beach (entertaining and educational!), and a bunch of surveying benchmarks! To see them, go to www.ASLstuff.com , hit enter, click on "Photos/Essays"
then click on either "Tall Ships in Redondo Beach" or "Surveying Benchmarks". Check this and other photo essays and artworks out at:
http://www.aslstuff.com .

We now have a presence on Bonanzle! Go to:
http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/ASLstuff for bargains, sales, special finds and other cool items from ASLstuff / Lost Angeles Rubber Works!
Stamps, supplies, garage sale items and many one-of-a kind items. Also check out our eBay bargains (now a lot of stamps, supplies, stamping magazines, etc.) at:

Visit ASLstuff 4 You (http://www.aslstuff.com/asl4you.html) and Lost Angeles Image Works (http://www.aslstuff.com/lostangeles.html) for great designs on great products - apparel, greeting cards, mugs, bags, aprons, stickers, buttons, magnets, Flip Minos, and other cool gifts. ASLstuff 4
You has plenty of ASL sign language images, including some new images - check out our "I Love My Family" designs - we have "I Love Mom", "I Love Dad" "I Love Grandma", "I Love Grandpa", and even "I Love my Dog" and "I Love my Cat"!
Also, remember the old "Love" postage stamp with the letters in a square design? We've updated it in fingerspelling!
Lost Angeles Image Works has a new section including road signs and surveyor's stuff - check out these new designs too!

Visit our new "American Flags and the Fourth of July" Squidoo lens (including a Revolutionary-War era photoessay link, flag and Lady Liberty designs to buy on merchandise, and patriotic Americana rubber stamps) at:
http://www.squidoo.com/american-flags-and-celebrating-the-fourth-of-july .
The Cats! Cats! Cats! Squidoo lens (including some adorable kitty YouTube videos, cat designs to buy on merchandise, and cat rubber stamps) is at:
http://www.squidoo.com/aslstuffcatscatscats . The original ASLstuff Squidoo lens is here at:
Keep an eye out for upcoming new Squidoo lenses - you can find them by following links from the three lenses above.
See us on Facebook as well! The page on www.Facebook.com is:
http://www.facebook.com/ASLstuff .

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