Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4th of July New Designs on Cafepress Stores

"I Love America" Flag Items at ASLstuff
Celebrate the Fourth of July and keep cool with our new ILY hand American flag spaghetti tank and other clothing! We also have mugs, cards, buttons, and more! The ILY flag is available with and without the words "I Love America".

Flag w/ Heart @ Lost Angeles Image Works
We also have new American Flag heart design items at Lost Angeles Image Works! Also available with or without the words "I Love America". Wear our red, white, and blue clothing, send cards celebrating Independence Day, protect yourself at the BBQ and more!

Free 4th of July Shipping from our Cafepress stores above
Order NOW until June 20 and get FREE shipping on orders over $60! Just enter the coupon code 4THALL at checkout. Don't delay - this is only good until June 20!

Heart and ILY Flag Rubberstamps
You can also get these designs as rubberstamps at and Lost Angeles Rubber Works! Check these out.. we have hundreds more cool stamp designs and supplies!

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