Monday, December 4, 2006

Welcome to Lost Angeles Rubber Works /

Hi, and welcome to the official blog for Lost Angeles Rubber Works /! This is intended to be the place to go for news and updates about Lost Angeles Rubber Works,, Arts'n', ASLstuff at Cafepress and more! Product updates, card samples and tips, sales and specials, expos and where to see us. We'd love your comments and feedback as well!

A little background.. I got into rubber stamping in the 1990s. It was great, being able to stamp an entire image in seconds. I had so many different ideas though but couldn't find the more alternative type of images I was looking for... so Lost Angeles Rubber Works was born in 1994. It's since grown to include over 800 images including multi-cultural art, animals, holidays, phrases, vintage and more. I've recently added more new designs including a winged angel pug, hibuscus background, a GreenMan, some holiday card stamps, and even more, so come visit! was launched several years later. I was approached by a friend who had just become a teacher of Deaf children. He wanted some sign language stamps for grading papers and motivating children, so I and another artist came up with a few designs including "Super Star!" "Needs Work" "Good Job!" and more, all in sign. has since expanded to more than 100 sign language stamps in a variety of subjects and art styles, almost all original designs. Many of these have become so popular that we have started selling them wholesale to companies like Harris Communications, ADCO, DeafGifts and more. If you would like to see our newest designs including a signing monkey, A++ Math and Science, signing kitties and many ILY ("I-Love-You") hands, click here!

I think I'll stop for now.. this is my very first post in my very first blog, so I wanna take a break and see how it turns out. But like Conan the Governor says...."I'll be back!" And please drop me a line.

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