Saturday, August 2, 2008

Northwest Coast Stamp Sale and More

This month, Northwest Coast design stamps are available at 25% off! They are on sale August 1 through 31 at:
You can also see more sales (from other vendors) at: .

Also during August, our Die Cut assortments are 25% off (2 for $3). Ready to use, these are die-cut out of a variety of acid-free colors, weights, and a few patterns. You can choose from: Animals, Football/Photo, Hands & Feet, Large ILY Hands, Garden, Gingerbread Men, Halloween (ghosts & bats), and Tags.
Find them on sale at: .

Sale prices are good August 1 through 31; check back after that to see the new sale items. is now online! Altered art, fine art, polymer clay, comics, photo essays, and more to entertain and inspire you! See the cyanotypes (some recently shown at the Deaf Studies Today! art exhibit in Orem, UT) to get ideas on how to use Sunprint kits! Recently added to Arts'n', Sunprint kits are so easy to use, it's sure to unleash your creativity. Just place objects on the special blue paper, expose it to sunlight, rinse in water - and images appear as if by magic! Perfect for scrapbooking. Cool links too. Check it out at:

We now have a presence on Facebook! If you're already a member, just log in and search for our page "ASLstuff". Become a fan! If you're not already a member, consider joining.. it's a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to meet long-lost friends! Remember - the page on is ASLstuff .

Don't forget to visit our "T-shirts and more" sites at: and: .
In celebration of my recent trip to Roswell and the UFO Festival, we've just added sone cool green extraterrestrial alien designs.. "We Come in Peace" at LostAngeles and "Roswell Tour Group" with a smiling ILY alien at ASLstuff! Also, Cafepress is having a special sale on their Jr. Jersey shirts.. $4 off while supplies last! Just type coupon code 4JRJERSEY into the shopping cart.

A reminder.. if you order over $100 worth of items on our secure shopping cart, we will take 5% off your subtotal! You can combine items from all of our sites (except Cafepress) on one cart.

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